The best bookies 2022

In order to find the best sports betting provider, seven different categories are checked in our betting provider test. The best betting provider is the one with the most points at the end. Sometimes, however, a provider with fewer points can probably be the best betting provider for itself – for example, an eSports specialist if you like to place eSports bets yourself.

Which is the best bookmaker 2022?

It is not always easy to find THE best bookmaker. In many cases, it depends on your own betting preferences. The selection of betting providers is now considerable, but this also means that many bookmakers specialize in certain preferences. The betting base comparison shows the best bookmakers with the best overall package, objectively tested by us in the most important categories.

  • Bet365 🥇 (93 / 100 points)
  • Bet at home 🥈 (90 / 100 points)
  • Unibet 🥉 (88 / 100 points)
  • Bet3000 (88 / 100 points)
  • Bwin (88 / 100 points)
  • Betway (87 / 100 points)
  • 888Sport (87 / 100 points)
  • Betano (86 / 100 points)
  • Mobilebet (86 / 100 points)

Betting provider comparison 2022: Who has the best betting offer?

The betting offer is unsurprisingly a central component when it comes to finding the best sports betting provider. In addition to the selection of different sports and competitions as well as special bets, this also includes the live betting offer and the associated odds key.

The following table shows which betting providers perform particularly well when it comes to betting offers.

How Wettbasis tests: Test categories and evaluation criteria:

The 7 test categories in detail:

  • Betting offer
  • Live betting
  • Betting odds
  • Sports betting bonus
  • Website & app
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Customer Support, Seriousness & Security

From our detailed betting provider comparison, Bet365 emerges as the best betting provider. The British bookmaker almost achieves the maximum number of points and shows almost no weaknesses.

The betting base can also warmly recommend some other bookies. Our ratings in the different categories and the resulting overall ranking will help you to find the most suitable provider for you personally.

Every single best bookies listed on this page undoubtedly has its particular strengths and possibly one or the other weakness, which our extensive tests bring to light. One more, the other less.

Betting Offers

Betting offer, we put the betting offer of all betting providers through their paces – both in terms of quality and quantity.

The more sports, different events and events are offered as betting options, the more points can ultimately be achieved in this test category. Depending on the season, the best bookmakers have up to 50 different sports in their program.

On the other hand, of course, the depth of the betting offer is scrutinized very closely. Specifically, this means how many different types of bets, including special bets and special bets, are available for each game, event or event from the respective provider. The more the better.

The top providers provide users with more than 100 different betting options for the top games in European football leagues such as the Champions League, Bundesliga, Premier League, Primera Division and Serie A.

And while we examine the live bets of each bookmaker separately in a separate category, the live betting offer is of course also included in the evaluation of the betting program test category.

In addition, of course, there are also extra points for a particularly innovative betting program or exclusive entertainment, social or political bets, which, due to the new State Treaty on Gambling, unfortunately only betting fans in specific countries can enjoy without restrictions for the time being.

But that doesn’t mean that we would forget betting providers with funny and curious betting opportunities here. And we are not completely giving up hope that betting on non-Olympic disciplines will also appear on the scene again at some point.

We know from the British that betting does not always and exclusively have to be aimed at physical fitness. These special betting offers have been particularly popular in German-speaking countries in recent years:

TV series/movies like Game of Thrones, James Bond, Batman, Star Wars, etc.

  • the Oscars
  • donald trump
  • the Brexit
  • the Eurovision Song Contest
  • the jungle camp
  • Best betting offer in bookmaker comparison

Currently, a total of six online bookmakers can secure the maximum achievable score of 10 points in our betting provider tests in the betting program test category.

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