How to Make a Website for a Medical Clinic

The modern presentation of a doctor’s office, a clinic, an outpatient clinic, a laboratory or a freelancer comes from the web.

How to Make a Website for a Modern Clinic

A medical clinic is a business and, as an owner or shareholder, you need to be able to distinguish it both offline and online.

On the internet, your clinic is perceived as a brand and the only way to establish a reputation for excellence as a clinic is through a modern website.

A modern clinic website is the digital image of your business as patients online cannot gauge your performance as a clinic from your doctors’ current knowledge and skills.

They judge your clinic by what they see on the internet , and this is where medical sites come into play.

As the owner of a medical clinic or shareholder of a care institution, you need to put yourself in your patients’ shoes and see what they see when they find you online. Does your digital image reflect reality?

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Do You Have a Good Online Reputation?

What is the first reaction your website triggers in a visitor who landed on your medical website for the first time?

What design elements could be improved or added to help patients find your clinic online faster?

Medical websites need to be mobile-friendly in a mobile world.

By refusing to see patient behavior patterns online, you deny your medical clinic the ability to grow and drive patients away from competitors and allow them to grow their business, advertise their services, and cultivate their reputation, not yours.

Five Elements of an Effective Website for a Modern Clinic

To fully understand what separates the best medical websites from others, you must first understand the stages of the digital interaction between a prospect and a website from a business perspective:

  • Visitors see. At this stage, prospective patients, your clients, must discover your clinic, reach your medical website, and ultimately SEE what it offers.
  • Visitors like it. In this phase, which is very short, potential patients must like your website, be attracted to your / its design, its usability and the “ blow-my-mind ” effect.
  • Visitors shop. At this stage, potential customers must be persuaded to become such through compelling text and visual content.

When you understand the multifaceted role of website design for you as a business, you know that you need to invest in the quality of medical websites and pay attention to each element of its design to increase your conversion rate and therefore your profits.


Every website must be created with one goal in mind, and medical websites are no exception. Do you need patients to familiarize themselves with your clinic? Do you want them to ask questions about your services?


Put yourself in your potential patients’ shoes and try to visualize the context in which they reach your website and, subsequently, your business.


Medical websites, just like all websites, need to provide a solution to a problem the visitor is experiencing. What do your visitors expect to find on your website?


Remember to make your visitors’ experience comfortable by simplifying navigation. Overly complicated navigation frustrates the visitor and causes discomfort, which he will also mentally associate with the medical facility you are offering. You don’t want that to happen, we believe.


You need to adapt your web design to the latest trends. Medical websites should be accessible from any device, regardless of screen size, so pay attention to implementing responsive design. Follow the directions of the best health websites. Turn small screen users into patients!

Trusted Modern Website for a Medical Clinic

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Medical websites must inspire trust as an online medical resource and not alienate patients / visitors through an irritating design or the way information is presented.
People expect medical websites to be health information websites, meaning they provide them with all the information they expect to find about their health problems.
Health is a sensitive issue and people feel the need to meet the person they trust in their health, so introduce your doctors and staff accordingly.
When visitors go to health-related websites, they are already bothered by a medical problem, so they don’t have the time and energy to navigate difficult interfaces.

It is vital that you use all marketing tools available to promote your assets, including the social network, which can increase user engagement.

5 Fundamental Questions a Modern Clinic Website Must Answer

Who Are You? Yes, your name is Dr. Who, and you are a general practitioner, but the medical field has numerous surgeons. Why should a patient choose you?

In addition to credentials, certifications, training, etc., you need to add something that will make your first impression lasting and capture the visitor’s attention on an emotional level: why did you choose to practice general surgery, your philosophy of care, the element WOW.

As a medical professional, your specialties are very clear to you, but you need to understand that your prospective patient is not medically trained. Therefore, be sure to provide a complete and descriptive presentation of each of your specialties on a different page.
In addition to proving to be as reliable as the best medical information websites, dedicating a page to each of your sub specialties is a great SEO approach as it allows search engines to match multiple keywords that patients are searching for for the content of the your website.

This makes your website relevant as far as search engines are concerned and will place you at the top of the search engine results, where trustworthy medical websites are found.


Where are you? Add your name, address, phone and social media!
Your visitors need to be able to quickly determine where they can find you without any confusing instances of information at every online location where your business is recommended. Add links for social networks that visitors may be familiar with.
Why should prospective patients choose you? Provide valuable content!
You’re not the only doctor in the world, so give your visitors a good reason to make an appointment with you by providing them with valuable content.

What is the valuable content for prospective patients? Useful information about the health issues that led them on your site.
Make content even more valuable by aligning it with your expertise and experience.

How can your visitors contact you? Drive them where you want them to go!

Reliable medical websites, regardless of the type of medical facility, hospital, specialist and associate doctor’s office, or an outpatient clinic, you need to provide visitors with a visible way to get in touch with you and make an appointment. Your medical clinic is still a company, after all!

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