How to Become a Web Designer

Here Is the Guide With Tips to Create an Online Profession

Are you looking for some tips on how to become a web designer?

Working on the web is the dream of many people. Flexible hours, the ability to work wherever you want and no more queues in the car, hours on the metro or on the buses.

The Internet offers more and more fields in which it is possible to specialize in order to create an online profession. There are also more and more companies that want to emerge online and communicate with their customers, for this reason one of the most requested figures is that of the web designer.

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Today everyone needs a website, an e-commerce that is aesthetically beautiful, but also usable and functional for users. The web designer’s task is precisely to take care of the interface of a site to make it both attractive and functional.

To be a web designer, however, you need to have the right skills. But how to enter this profession? What are the best courses? Here is all the information!

Who Is the Web Designer?

The web designer is the one who designs a website and takes care of the graphic aspect of the various pages. Therefore, it deals with the choice of text characters, images, media, logo and all interactive and navigation elements.

The designer of a website, unlike the programmer, must ensure that creativity is combined with technique.

This figure assumes a strong relevance in the world of the web, especially in recent years. In fact, the care of the visual aspect and accessibility is what distinguishes a well-designed website from one created without thinking about the needs of the user and the web.

Everyone wants a site that is beautiful to look at and easy to use, which attracts users and at the same time allows them to browse in complete peace of mind. These needs that all those who open a website have in common can be satisfied by the work of the web designer.

What Skills a Web Designer Must Possess?

If you are thinking about how to become a web designer and you want to work in this world, you must know that this figure must have different skills both from a technical and creative point of view.

The creativity, although it may seem trivial, it is actually one of the main skill of a good web designer.

Of course, creativity alone is not enough, you must also have other skills such as: design skills, study of the interactivity of multimedia tools, computer skills and programming language.

To deal with web design it is necessary:

  • Know the technical language: HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, XML, FLASH and Javascript.
  • Knowing how to use graphic tools: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat programs.
  • Knowing how to juggle the user experience.
  • Have knowledge of design and communication.
  • Have knowledge of the SEO language.

This professional, therefore, must have all the necessary skills to take care of the front end of a website.

But let’s see in detail what a web designer does.

graphic designer working

What the Web Designer Does?

So what exactly does the web designer do? Today there are countless figures operating on the web and it can happen that there is confusion between the various professions.

Before seeing in detail how to become a web designer, you need to know what the specific tasks of this job are, and how it differs from other professionals.

Above all it is necessary to distinguish programmers and developers who operate mainly in the backend of a site, from the web designer who instead deals with the management of the front end.

Although they are two distinct figures, in reality it is not uncommon to find those who have both skills.

If you want to specialize in web design, you must know that this professional takes care of the aesthetics of the site and of all the codes necessary to make the site accessible to the needs of the surfer.

The web designer must work on the interface and the typography of the site, so that they are able to communicate better with the user browsing the website. It must take care of the colors and aesthetics, of the structure, improve its speed and check all the functions of the various pages of the website.

How to Become a Web Designer?

If you think this is the ideal profession for you, then now you will want to know how to become a web designer.

Many are wondering how to become a self-taught web designer. It is actually very difficult to learn how to use complex codes, programs and applications completely by yourself.

Especially today, that there are many programming languages ​​and studies on the positioning of the various elements of a site, on the colors and fonts to be used to improve the user experience.

For this reason it is always recommended to follow an ad hoc training course to become a web designer and work for a web design agency. In fact, in order to meet all those who want to make web design their profession, several masters and online courses have been set up to learn the techniques and tools to be used for the creation of a website interface.

During a master’s or web design course it is necessary to study and practice your skills. In fact, you could start building trial websites to create a portfolio for future clients to see!

Web design is a sector that requires continuous study, as the Internet and the world of the web grows and evolves. So starting with a professional course, you will have the basics and skills necessary not only to start this profession, but also to understand any news in the sector.

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