There are a lot of casinos in the world but here are Top Five Casinos which are ranked according to their special services and their best location and services. In this list only those casinos are enlisted which are suitable for family vocations and anyone can enjoy best quality time with their family.


this casino a part of beautiful black world of Klerksdorp, south Africa. It has a gaming floor of 266330 square feet area which comprises 257 gaming machines,  its gaming zones has 12 card games as well as table games. It has only 2 bars but that are engaged so beautifully that anyone could prefer this casino easily for their vocational time. It is world’s fifth largest casino according to its total covered area.


This resort is in Macao, which is most famous city of China for its Casinos. Its gaming floor covers 270,000 square feet area, comprising 320 gaming machines which has a lot of video games installed in it,  variety of 150 card games and many of the table games as well just like poker game. Its resort has 423 rooms to entertain their guests with best services and 3 bars. It is fourth largest casino of the world.


This casino is situated in Ledyard, Conn. Its gaming zone covers an area of 340,000 square feet for its extra activities. It contains 7000 gaming machines, each machine having variety of video games in it. along side, it has 400 card games and a lot of table games like poker game. Its 824 hotel rooms are enough to make it big in world ranking. Resort has 29 bars. This casino is world’s third largest casino in the world.


This casino is situated in Macao, china. Macao Is a city of best casinos in the world. It has gaming area, hotel rooms, bars, picnic spots and a variety of other entertainments. This casino covers 420,000 square feet area for its gaming floor, that has 1350 gaming machines and 520 card games, whereas, table games are also there for example poker game. It can entertain 1400 different families at a time because they have 1400 rooms and 14 bars. This casino is ranked at second number in world’s largest casinos.


This casino is allocated in Macao, a famous city for its casinos. It has worlds largest gaming floor, that comprises 546000 square feet area. In this gaming zone it has 3000 gaming machines; in every machine a unique game is installed that gives every player a different challenge to accomplish it. card games are total 870 in number whereas it gives a variety of table games as well including poker game that is very famous. This casino has its own resort which has 3000 rooms in it. apart from hotel rooms 24 bars are also provided for vocational fun and great time. This casino is worlds largest casino in the world.

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