How to play Hopscotch in Gclub

One of the most famous games in Gclub growing up was hopscotch, if you have never played hopscotch before you are missing out on one of the most basic and famous games. Everyone in their childhood must have played this game, although new generation doesn’t play these games anymore but these games are not only good for physical health but they also act as a physical exercise. If you are wondering how to play this game or what do you need? You are at the right place because we are going to list down the rules of this simple game down below.

Things you need

In order to play hopscotch you don’t need any specific tool or talent. It’s a simple game just for fun; you don’t need anything special, just a piece of chalk to prepare the ground and a partner to play with. If you have more people it’s better and more fun.

Start playing

Draw a square pattern on the ground; you can do it according to your choice. The most basic pattern includes two one pattern. You have to draw one small square in the middle, then two squares on the sides. This way you will have a long path with same pattern. Write the counting in the square and follow the pattern.


There are no hard and fast rules as long as you are playing it for fun, just jump in the right square. When there is one big single square jump with both feet, when it is two small squares jump with one feet in each square. It is very important to stand inside the square; your aim is to fill up the square. Don’t jump in the square without the aim, most of the time people stumble and fall during the jump. This is considered as a miss and you score a negative point.


You will score a negative or in other words it will be consider miss if you step on the line, lose balance or you completely miss the square with the marker toss. In all these conditions you will score negative and your total score will reduce.


Calculate the total miss if you are playing in a team. The team with the bigger score total will win just like most of the games. In other words, the team with most number of miss or negative score loses.

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