Electric Pulse in GClubs

What could be better than a game which you can play with your friends and have teams? Electric Pulse is the best one which is available in GClubs and this is by popularity. The clubs have the best electric pulse available. The game has basically been named after the long lines of the players who resemble the electric pulses. There are various methods and variations which you can use to form your teams.

The clubs have provided with enough space so that the two teams can sit facing each other in two different lines. The two long chains are formed and the teams are instructed to hold the hands. A small object is placed on a chair at the end of the two lines, mostly a tennis ball is used, but you can use any of the objects which are available. The GClubs have the facilities available to assist the customers and provide them with the best experience of gaming in the club.

There are many variations and the clubs provide with a number of different types of the gaming experience. On the other end of the two lines, there is a referee who stands facing the chair on which an object is placed. The players sit with their faces downwards and close their eyes completely. The referee flips a coin and then just shows it to the first player or the captain (leader) of each team. When it is the heads call, the first players squeeze their hands of the next person who is sitting just next to them in the line.

And the process goes on, the person eventually squeezes the hands of the next person or team member sitting next to them. The basic goal is to be as quick as possible and act like an electric pulse in the game and pass all along the game in the first line. The quickest team, which squeezes the hands of each of their team members wins the game. It wins a point to the team and the game continues.

The GClubs have these facilities at the best for their customers. In case, a team makes a mistake and the coin were actually a tail rather than heads and still they squeeze, they lose a point. The Clubs have defined a total number of points for the team and these points are needed to win the game. Mostly, the clubs have a total of ten points which is a precise and best way to win the game.

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