V2 Cigs vs Blu E-cigarettes: E-liquid Round

E-cigarettes are the current craze and there is no dearth of brands and accessories out there, which make it so difficult to choose the best brand for you. However, you need not worry as we have checked out the best brands in the market and are here to guide you to make the best decision in this regard. One of the main components of the e-cig are the e-liquid. If you go wrong in the selection of the best e-liquid then the whole process of vaping for you, would be a disaster!

Blu E cig Liquid review

Blu e liquids are known for their distinctive and the hand crafted assembly. They use the juice which provides you with rich flavors and is created by top quality ingredients. Ingredients may be imported or domestic. Blu cig e liquids comes in different ranges of nicotine ranging from 6 mg to 24mg. They also offer nicotine free e liquids. So you may enjoy the e liquids of your own requirements. They have highly qualified staff which research on the ingredients and in result produces the best quality and tasty e liquids. Blu cigs are considered as the leader of the e liquid industry. Blu e-cigs are made from the premier and the top-notch materials and that is the reason why they are the leaders of this industry and they have their own fan following!

V2 cig E Liquid Review

All e-liquids that V2 cigarettes provide are confirmed and examined. Components are released and available to any asking client. Components of e-liquids from V2 cigarettes consist of food-grade seasonings, smoking and propylene glycerin. The propylene glycerin is an accepted component by the FDA as it is also used in many foodstuffs, bronchial asthma medicines, fog devices and individual cleanliness items. Flavors that V2 cigarettes provide are several. Under the type of cigarettes tastes, you may have V2 red for an United states Tobacco with a lovely twist; V2 The legislature for a sleek Parliament encounter and V2 Sahara if you are wanting for Turkish Tobacco flavor.

Electronic Cigarette Coupon Codes

And perhaps the best bit about both the brands are the exciting coupon codes and discount schemes, which the company floats in their promotional activities. Be sure to grab the best V2 cigs offers coming your way and save big on your e-cig habit as well! The Blu cigs discount and the promo codes are also valid on bulk purchases, so you can stock ahead and then indulge in peace in your e-cig habit!

Coupon Codes For An Out Of This World Vaping With Apollo E-Cigs

apollocoupons3 Coupon Codes For An Out Of This World Vaping With Apollo E Cigs

The name of Apollo e-cigarettes was derived from Apollo missions, an out of this world mission team looking for another haven. And leaving up to the name, Apollo E-cigarettes give out an out of this world vaping experience for all their users. Experience a vaping journey like no other with Apollo cigs today! Experience it without breaking a bank by using this 25% off Apollo cigs coupon provided by our friends at DealoMetry.com Here are some reasons how Apollo e-cigs can give you an out of this world vaping experience.

Wide Selection of Products

Apollo e-cig’s products are out of this world. Very few are the E-cig brands that offer the same products that Apollo cigs offer in one place. They have cig-a-like types, eGo types and Vaporizer pens. Their vaporizer pens got an out of this world battery power that can give you really thick vapor and full throat hit. Perfect for heavy smokers.

Awesome Flavors

There is no other e-liquid facility like Apollo cigs. Their facility has state of the art technology in it, adheres to good manufacturing practices and full of chemists, flavor gurus and avid vapers who work together to formulate out of this world flavors. Because of this, there’s no denying that the 25 awesome flavors that Apollo cigs offer is one of the best collection in the industry. Especially their fruity flavors where the taste of it is said to be satisfying enough even if you choose to vape minus the nicotine.

Global Presence

Other E-cig brands may be more famous than Apollo cigs in the US (Blu cigs, V2 cigs, Njoy etc) but there’s no denying the fact that they cant compete with Apollo when it comes to worldwide reach. Apollo has offices and facilities in the UK and Asia while other E-cig brands don’t.

Standout Customer Service

Apollo cigs customer service is just superb. Their staffs are highly trained and very respectful,you wouldn’t have a hard time talking to them. Furthermore, they are the only E-cig brand that delivers during Saturday, gives free disposable E-cigarette with each starter kit pack and have extended hours of online chat support.

Use This Halo Cigs Coupon To Enjoy The World of Halo Cigs Flavors

halo cigs review 037 Use This Halo Cigs Coupon To Enjoy The World of Halo Cigs Flavors

Recently, we saw a 20% off in Halo E-liquids at DealoMetry.com and we are so glad that we saw this Halo cigs coupon. Halo cigs got the one of the best collection of E-liquids in the industry. They are 100% US made, tightly sealed for freshness and only use FDA approved materials to assure one’s safety. Halo cigs offer 23 great tasting flavors that every vapers will surely love. And with the Halo coupon from DealoMetry.com provided, you can delve into the world of Halo cigs flavors and try as many as you want to. Here are some of our favorites for you to know which ones to try first.

Tribeca: is the top seller in Halo’s flavor collection, thanks to its super smooth tobacco flavor with a little hint of vanilla and caramel. If you remember RY4 from back in the day and liked it, then this E-liquid is the like it just made much better.

Turkish Tobacco: This Halo cigs flavor is definitely on my list of favorite E-cig flavors of all time. It has that light Turkish tobacco blend that if pair by Halo Triton Tank, will give you really thick vapor and an awesome throat hit. You’ll surely have a vapetastic day.

LongHorn Tobacco: If you can imagine what the Marlboro Man would vape, it would probably be this flavor. Longhorn has a big bold flavor of tobacco and got one of the strongest throat hits in the industry. Smokers who just switch to vaping would enjoy this powerful stuff

Twisted Java: Coffee flavors seem to be a staple in many E-cig brands flavor collection. Halo cigs twisted java standout from all the coffee flavors around. This complex e-liquid blend is topped off with Caramel and Macadamia Nut nuances and probably the most realistic coffee flavor of all.

No matter what you choose, you are sure to have a great vaping experience with Halo. So try as many flavors today with the Halo cigs coupon above.

The Advantages of Choosing Blu Cigs Over Traditional Cigarettes

One of the best technological advancement of this decade is the creation of the Electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that replicate the whole smoking experience – vapor, throat hit, nicotine and all – minus all the harmful toxins traditional cigarettes have. It also does not burn tobacco and produce smoke. Instead it heats up E-liquid and produce water vapor only that looks like smoke. With electronic cigarettes, smokers now have a choice to experience the same satisfying experience tobacco cigarettes give them, but in a better way with E-cigs. Smokers should switch to E-cigarettes as soon as possible.

In this article, we will introduce to you one of the top E-cigarette brands around which is Blu cigs. Blu cigs is a very reputable E-cig brand that has been around for years now and is continuously outshining other brands with their high quality E-cigs, awesome flavors and sophisticated style. Find out the advantages of choosing Blu cigs over traditional cigarettes in this Blu cigs review.

Healthier Alternative
Traditional cigarettes have long been associated with causing respiratory diseases and other chronic illnesses. Traditional cigarettes are also known to cause many oral diseases including halitosis, throat cancer and yellowing of teeth. Furthermore, they are also proven to make the aging process faster and cause sleeping problems. All these can be a result of the thousand of harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have including 60 cancer causing carcinogens. Although it is not proven by FDA to be a healthier alternative, Blu cigs does not contain thousands of harmful chemicals like real cigarette does. This fact is enough for us to believe that Blu cigs is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Smoking in Public
Smoking traditional cigarettes have many restrictions. There are many places where you will not be allowed to smoke because of non smoking laws, public places like bus stops as well as private places like a bar or club. Sometimes, you can’t even smoke on places where it is allowed to smoke because you will be immediately harassed by non smokers whether it is in your in-laws house or the streets. There are even offices that prohibit smoking on any of their premises and you have to walk far away from the building before you can smoke. All these are not a problem with Blu cigs. Because with Blu cigs, you can smoke anytime and anywhere you want. E-cigs can be smoke in both public and private areas and is not under any law (for most states in the USA). E-cigs also don’t produce smoke or foul order that’s why you will not have any non smokers scowling at you. Furthermore, with Blu cigs, you can even smoke at your own office cubicle because the vapor would be gone in just a while and people won’t even notice it.

Saving Money
Smoking conventional cigarettes can be a pretty expensive in comparison to smoking Blu e-cigs. A pack of traditional cigarettes cost around $10 while a Blu cigs starter kit cost around $75. At first look, you may think that Blu cigs are way more expensive. But remember that Blu cigs are re-usable which makes it a pretty good deal in the long run. The starter kit is a one-time buy only and after that, all you need to buy are flavor cartridges refill. Experts calculate the total cost of one’s smoking expense in a year and it turns out that with Blu cigs, you can save up to $2000 a year. Furthermore, Blu cigs also offer many (Cigarette Discount Codes) Blu Cigs and reward systems that will allow you to get instant discounts in your purchases.

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What started as a fad is now main stream. Blu cigs are indeed the future of smoking and one should switch now to enjoy the many advantages of it.

V2 Cigs vs. Halo Cigs vs Green Smoke: What Brand Should I Go For?

v2 cigs review 17 V2 Cigs vs. Halo Cigs vs Green Smoke: What Brand Should I Go For?

Have you decided to make the switch to e-cigarettes?


Let us help you make the right choice!


We have tested a number of e-cigarette brands available in the market by looking at the different factors e-cigarette smokers deem important. These factors include product design, vapor production, flavor & throat hit and battery life.


Here’s a quick comparison on two of the most e-cigarette promising brands in the market:


V2 Cigs


V2 Cigs is considered America’s #1 online e-cigarette retailer. They have been around the industry since 2011 and have claimed to serve over 1 million customers. V2 Cigs are simple yet extremely powerful cigarettes. They produce thick vapor and are designed to deliver a strong throat hit. A number of users are also quite satisfied with its battery life.


Aside from its technology and product design, V2 Cigs also have a number of flavors in their flavor roster including V2 Red, which is a dead ringer for real Marlboro cigarettes, as well as other specialty flavors such as Cola, Cherry and Vanilla. They have recently teamed up with the iconic tobacco brand Zig-Zag for more flavors.


V2 Cigs is also known for providing their customers with personalized e-cigarette experiences. From battery sizes, starter kits, flavors and accessories, e-cigarette users can easily customize their own vaping experience depending on their lifestyle and preferences.


Halo Cigs


Halo Cigs is an American e-cigarette brand that became extremely popular in the market for manufacturing high-quality e-liquid.They use only approved American-made ingredients in their e-liquid, so one would only expect safe and top-quality e-liquid from Halo Cigs.


Aside from that, Halo Cigs has a wide array of flavors to choose from. They have 12 different varieties of tobacco-flavored e-liquid, four menthol flavors and six gourmet flavors such as Kringle’s Curse, Shamrock, Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Twisted Java and Café Mocha. Plus, they also provide a strong throat hit so you don’t have to over-compensate on the nicotine.


If you’re big on the flavor, Halo Cigs has a number of starter kits that will most certainly tickle your fancy. They have an e-cigarette tank system called the Triton that is perfect for those looking for a superior performing e-cigarette system. These kits include a powerful hardware plus a long-lasting battery life, and you’ll find it hard to use any other e-cigarettes after that.


Green Smoke


Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette brand that had been around for so long now. They are one of the frst E-cig brands ever and they are still growing stronger as of today. They are best known to be the E-cig brand that gives out the thickest vapor and the closest experience to real cigarettes. Their customer service is also superb and they have loyalty system and Green Smoke coupon codes for their loyal customers. They offer five starter kits that are quite the same as V2 cigs.


Use Coupon Codes to Avail of Discounts


Whether you want to try V2 Cigs or Halo Cigs or Green Smoke, it’s only smart to use Green Smoke coupon and V2 coupons and discounts so you can take advantage of generous discounts on tried and tested products!


If you want to try V2 Cigs, use the v2 coupon code “CHIMNEY” to get 15% off all starter kits.


You can also use “VAPORLIFE” to get 5% off everything in Halo Cigs, including their top-of-the-line starter kits.

E-Cigarette Use Doubles in School-Aged Kids

ecigheader 1024x676 E Cigarette Use Doubles in School Aged Kids

According to a new study published in Friday’s edition of the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, one out of 10 American high school students have admitted to using electronic cigarettes in 2012, along with nearly 3% of middle school students. That’s about double the rate of e-cigarette use in 2011 and translates into an additional 1.78 million children and teens who have tried the battery-powered devices in a span of one year.


Aside from the increase in trial rates, the regular usage rate has also increased nearly two-fold, as it had been reported that 1.1% of students in grades 6 through 8 were using e-cigarettes at least once a month, as were 2.8% of students in grades 9 to 12.


Additionally, among the current teen e-cigarette users in 2012, more than three-quarters (76.3%), reported also smoking conventional cigarettes.


While the usage of e-cigarettes is not as harmful as traditional cigarette sticks which contain more than 4,000 toxic ingredients, the sharp increase in e-cigarette usage among teens poses a serious health concern. That’s because electronic cigarettes contain the addictive chemical nicotine and traces of cancer-causing compounds called nitrosamines, which makes them just as addicting as regular cigarettes. In addition, e-cigarettes are sold with cartridges that contain enticing flavors such as cotton candy or chocolate, which makes it very enticing for teenagers.


Health advocates generally fear that e-cigarettes merely serve as a gateway to turn teens on to regular cigarettes. As such, the trend is highly frowned upon because the proliferation of e-cigarettes makes it easy for teenagers to get into a lifelong addiction to nicotine and conventional cigarettes.


Cigarette smoking has been responsible for more than 440,000 deaths each year, including 49,400 due to second-hand smoke. Tobacco use is the top cause of preventable death in the U.S., and it contributes to cancers of the lung and other organs, cardiovascular disease and respiratory ailments.


As e-cigarettes are electronic devices that deliver a flavored nicotine-laced vapor for inhalation, they are not supposed to be sold to minors or marketed for therapeutic purposes. However, presently, electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA. They are commonly marketed as tobacco cessation tools. Not only are these product claims misleading, they also put the product at risk for misuse and overuse among the youth.


According to the researchers who were involved in the study, “given the rapid increase in use and youths’ susceptibility to social and environmental influences to use tobacco, developing strategies to prevent marketing, sales, and use of e-cigarettes among youths is critical,”


This puts a lot of pressure onto the FDA to develop regulations which will ultimately prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes among minors. More so, it puts a lot of pressure among retailers to ensure that they only sell the products to consumers of legal age.


A lot of health advocates continue to push the discontinuing of e-cigarettes from the market. In fact, several years ago, it was about to get discontinued because it was considered an “unapproved drug/device combination product.” Unfortunately, that hadn’t been successful.